Ravioli pasta machines can provide one of the most loved type of pasta. Create a variety of different shape ravioli pasta with our efficient machines. They are equipped with a control panel and designed to produce cappeletti in different shapes or to produce single ravioli sheet.


A 250 Ravioli Pasta Machine

A 500 Ravioli Pasta Machine

A 540 Ravioli Pasta Machine

A 600 Ravioli Pasta Machine

A 800 Ravioli Pasta Machine

MultiPasta Ravoli Unit

P2P D.V. Mini Machine

P2P D.V. Extruder Machine

P2P S.V. Mini Pasta Factory

RDS 250 Ravioli Machine

RDS 300 Ravioli Machine

RDS 540 Ravioli Machine

RST 160 Ravioli Machine

RST 250 Ravioli Machine

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