Complex automation system equipped pasta production line main purpose is provide high quality product with low investment price. Using latest and newest technology, we can build-up or redesign your facility's manufacture ability to reach high quality product. Our full automatic and semi automatic long-cut pasta production lines produced for whole day and various type of production capacity in an hour like 300 kg/h, 500 kg/h, 750 kg/h, 1000 kg/h, 1500 kg/h.

Long Cut Dry Pasta Production Line

  • Dough ways, surfaces and accessories are manufactured completely 304 quality stainless steel.

  • Easy mold changing with hydraulic piston.

  • 304 quality stainless steel miles have special wings with double mixer on dough's vessel.

  • Pasta mold slot is manufactured with special Sfreit Grafit's technology.

  • 304 quality stainless steel shaft with special wings is used on vacuum vessel.
PPL Long-Cut Pasta Production Line Detail 1

  • The aim of rubato protect to product shape.

  • Homogeneous disturbing is done with vibrio spreader on dryer’s entry.

  • The humidity sensitive is "±%5" on dryer unit.

  • All machine feet have private height adjustable on the line.

  • The main chassis of dryer unit is manufactured with stainless steel and it can be designed completely stainless steel according to client requests.

  • The rubber gasket, fiber glasses panels are used for high quality isolation to cover dryer.

  • Air conditioning system depends on shocking unit.

  • Heating system is on dryer unit with two parts (three-way valve, serpentine, heating pipes, circulation pomp’s and etc.)

  • The internal heating system is used with low carbon steel connections made up flange and welding.

  • The best performance observed with electric axial fans to provide balance of heat.
PPL Long-Cut Pasta Production Line Detail 1

  • The motors are on IP 55 protection isolation level with electricity for control and safety devices.

  • For security purpose, stairs and railings are on press and dryer unit.

  • E.C electricity control panel with international standards.

  • All of system has automation with high tech.

  • Controlling of all system with single PLC screen AKL


that we manufacture.

MODEL TYPE L1(mm) L2(mm) L3(mm) H1(mm) H2(mm) B1(mm) B2(mm) B3(mm)
PPL-LC 300 kg/h 37550 32550 27700 6300 2300 4650 5700 3600
PPL-LC 500 kg/h 41150 36150 31300 6300 2300 4650 5700 3600
PPL-LC 750 kg/h 44750 39750 34900 6300 2300 4650 5700 3600
PPL-LC 1000 kg/h 51550 46550 41700 6300 2300 4650 5700 3600
PPL-LC 1500 kg/h 56350 51350 46500 6300 2300 4650 5700 3600
PPL-LC 1750 kg/h 61150 56150 51300 6300 2300 4650 5700 3600
PPL-LC 2000 kg/h 68350 63350 58500 6300 2300 4650 5700 3600



    This section is the begining part of the journey of pasta production. The raw materials are sent here firstly and the water is entered mono pomp for dosing units accourding to automation system values to provide first mixture.

    After the dosing section, homogeniously mixed raw material sent to the dough vessel that is the first unite on the line to produce dough. Prepared mixture sent to the vacuum lock with private wings. The vacuum lock is produced from specially designed private Sferit Grafit technology. After this section the mixture reach to the vacuum vessel for absorving air bubbles on semolina and water by vacuum pomp to provide smooth surface and real yellow color on pasta. Prepared the final state of the dough sent to the main helix with the private wings. All of the vessels and vessel materials are made up 304 quality stainless steel with worldwide standards.


    On main helix, the dough reaches rectagular molds to gain shape with specific pressure. These molds have high quality stainless surface and the molds eyes between 1.2mm to 1.6mm completely made by Teflon. Pasta molds can be changed automatically with hydrolic system. After this section the shaped pasta meet the shearing knife that is the blade section where the lenght of the pasta is set with horizontal moving chrome blades which have been shaped by special circular moduls inserts.

    This is the last longitudinal and the first drying section of the journey of long-cut pasta production which has been shaped and lenght is adjusted. After the last shaping procedure the long-cut pasta sents to the drying units with a particular transfer system.

    After all those stages, finally the rested and chilled long-cut pasta is subjected to the last cutting process. The pasta can be cut in the desired size with the vertical positioned blades. At the end of the line, length adjusted pasta subjected to the packaging process to stock up before distribution.


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